The Act Relating to Municipal Health and Care Services

The Act Relating to Municipal Health and Care Services (In Norwegian Helse- og omsorgstjenesteloven) has many objectives.  The main objective of the Act is to prevent, treat and to help facilitate and to cope with disease, injury, suffering, and disabilities.

The Act specifies the responsibilities of the municipality, and sets the requirements for quality and the justification for services.

The role of County Social Welfare Boards (Boards) is related to compulsory measures.  The board makes decisions about the placement of drug and alcohol addicts in an institution for a maximum of 3 months.   For pregnant drug and alcohol addicts, such placement may comprise the duration of the pregnancy.  Chapter 10 of the Act outlines information about detention in an institution without the person's consent § 10-2, and detention for pregnant substance abusers.

The boards function as an appeals body for certain compulsory measures for individuals with mental disabilities.  Chapter 9 of the Act outlines the role of the boards in such cases.