Types of Cases

The boards treat cases and make decisions pursuant to the Child Welfare Act, the Act Relating to Municipal Health and Care Services, and the Act Relating to the Control of Communicable Diseases.

The County Social Welfare Boards (Boards) decides cases when compulsory measures are needed, and in accordance with the Child Welfare Act (In Norwegian Barnevernloven), the Act Relating to Municipal Health and Care Services (In Norwegian Helse- og Omsorgstjenesteloven), and the Act Relating to the Control of Communicable Diseases (In Norwegian Smittevernloven). With regard to child protection and child welfare, the boards can implement a care order, implement the placement of children and youth with severe behavioural difficulties in an institution, and implement deprival of parental responsibility, adoption.  The primary task of the boards is to make decisions regarding child protection and child welfare.  The most common types of child welfare cases will be referred to as Types of Cases

In accordance with the Act Related to Municipal Health and Care Services, the board can make a decision to place drug and/or alcohol addicts in a compulsory treatment institution for a period of up to 3 months.  If it is clearly probable that a child will be born with an injury, the board may rule that pregnant drug and/or alcohol addicts may be given compulsory placement in an institution, and remain there for the duration of the pregnancy.

The County Social Welfare Board in Oslo and Akershus is the National Authority for Contagious Disease Protection (In Norwegian Smittevernnemnd).  This board in particular, has the authority to make decisions about compulsory medical examinations (In Norwegian Tvangsundersøkelse), and compulsory medical isolation/quarantine of persons infected with certain contagious diseases. 

The boards also serve as the appellate board for certain compulsory measures concerning the mentally disabled.

Voluntary Measures

The municipal child welfare service will provide voluntary assistance measures for families with children who have special needs. The boards do not handle these measures. Read more about Voluntary Assistance Measures

Compulsory Measures

The child welfare service can request board involvement to oblige the parents to receive compulsory assistance measures. The requirements for implementing compulsory measures vary according to the type of assistance measures in question. Read more about Compulsory Assistance Measures

Care Order

If a child lives in a situation which is clearly unacceptable in his or her home, the board may adopt the measure that the municipality takes over the daily care of the child. Read more about Care Order


A ruling regarding compulsory adoption is a severe intervention and made only when it is probable that the child will likely grow up in a foster home. Deprival of parental responsibility/adoption is seldom implemented and made only if the child has lived in a foster home for a period of time. Read more about Adoption

Behavioural Placement

The board can make a decision about compulsory placement in an institution in situations where children have severe behavioral problems. Read more about Behavioural Placement