Dialogue Process

The Child Welfare Act will allow the implementation of trials with a Dialogue Process. As a part of the process, the board chair invites the parties of the case to a dialogue with the purpose of communication to potentially reach an agreement which is in the best interest of the child. Certain boards have implemented the Dialogue Process. 


For more information about the dialogue process, please click here.

Right to an Attorney

Parents and others (with rights as part of the case) have the right to an attorney paid for by the Norwegian State. Read more about the Right to an Attorney

Duty of Confidentiality

The County Social Welfare Boards (Boards) are subject to the duty of confidentiality. The same applies to anyone who has been commissioned by the boards. Read more about Duty of Confidentiality

Child Participation

Barnekonvensjonen, also referred to as the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, states that children have the right to be heard and participate in decision-making processes that may be relevant to their lives. Read more about Child Participation


In order to acknowledge that the conditions set forth by the law are observed, the County Social Welfare Boards (Boards) need access to information. The boards can obtain information and data from witnesses. Read more about Witnesses