What does fylkesnemndene do?

Fylkesnemndene for barnevern og sosiale saker is the Norwegian name for the County Social Welfare Boards. The Boards are a state body and serve as a tribunal. Decisions made by the boards are impartial and pursuant to the Child Welfare Act, the Act Relating to Municipal Health and Care Services, and the Act Relating to the Control of Communicable Diseases. The boards are free of influence when they carry out their judicial function.
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The Child's Best Interests

Determining the child's best interests is the guiding principle for the boards and other child welfare authorities when interpreting the law. Read more about the Child's Best Interest


The County Social Welfare Boards (Boards) are a decision-making authority. The boards never initiate a case. In the area of child protection and child welfare, it is primarily the municipal child welfare service, the parents, or the children (who have their own rights as parties) who present cases to the board. The Board will make a ruling on the case. Read more about Proceedings